Chocolate making made easy..

Chocolate Course No.1 (1st Level)

You get to learn 20 varieties of chocolates in 4 hrs (1 Day only). Names of the chocolates are fruit and nut, roasted almond, crackle, crunchy, candy, nutty rocks, little hearts, cake bites, namkeen magic, Marie magic, wafer bar, fresh fruits platter, mint, strawberry, butterscotch flavour, mouth fresheners, marble designed, duets, shaded, lollipops, centre filled with soft flavoured centres, coffee and coconut centre, nutty buddy truffles etc. Its an interactive, participative workshop where you get hands on training. All the recipes covered are given in print in details Chocolate samples worth Rs. 200 MRP are also given. The participant also gets a certificate of participation. References of the wholesalers from where to buy the raw material is also provided. This course covers all the technical points to be kept in mind while working with raw chocolates. Chocolate wrapping is also taught.

Liquor Chocolate

It is a 3 hr workshop which teaches how to use liquor moulds and to make shells which holds liquid centres. Alcohol based centres with various liquors like rum, whisky, vodka, brandy etc. are taught. How to make liquid centres with juices and crushes is also covered. Mouthwatering soft rum centres and rum and raisin truffles is also a part of this course. All the recipes are given in written along with chocolate samples and a certificate of participation.

Chocolate Flowers

It is a 3 hr workshop with the following course contents –

  • How to make moulded chocolate paper covered flowers.
  • 3D Rose.
  • Colouring white chocolate and making different coloured flower with matching flavours.
  • Ideas are given to arrange them into bouquets according to various themes.
  • A chocolate dough is taught to make handmade flowers (roses).
  • Printed recipe booklet and a certificate of participation is also given.

Cakes N Cookies (Eggless)

It is a 5 hr workshop which covers – cookies, brownie, cup
cakes, basic sponge and icing all in one session. The course contents
are as follows –

  • Chocolate Chips Cookies – Double chocolate chips and marble cookies are also covered.
  • Sizzling brownie served with ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and roasted nuts.
  • Kaju Mawa (Khoya) Cake – An Indian delight.
  • Various cup cakes with jams are taught.
  • Basic eggless Vanilla Sponge.
  • Pineapple icing.
  • Extra recipe Walnut, raisin, Chocolate Cookies.
  • Extra recipe of Choco lava cake is also given with complete description.
  • Variations of flavours and other variations like marble cake, fruit and nut cake, chocolate sponge, coffee cake etc.
  • Pineapple icing is demonstrated and ideas are given for black forest and truffle icing.
  • All the recipes are given in detailed along with a certificate of participation.

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  1. pranita agarwal says:

    Wht r ur charges n everything … can u pls mail me ur course details .. n whr do u put up .. like whr do I have to cum for da classes ??

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