Chocolate making made easy..

More about Chocolates (Level 2)

It’s a 4½ hr workshop which covers new centres and amazingvariety. The variety covered is as follows –

  1. Walnut Praline
  2. Sharts for decoration
  3. Caramel Centre
  4. Peanut coins
  5. Honey caramel tuffles
  6. Marzipan Centre
  7. Pina Colada (Hard Centre)
  8. Sticky Centre
  9. Mocha’s shaded designer Chocolates
  10. Mint Green Chocolates
  11. Chilly Chocolates
  12. Fig Magic
  13. Chocolate Cups
  14. Use of transfer sheets (printed tattoos on chocolates)
  15. Hard centre
  16. All the recipes are given in detail with samples of all the varietymade and a certificate of participation.

Cakes (with Eggs)

  1. Walnut Brownies
  2. Apple – Cinnamon Cake
  3. Fudge Curd Cake with Mocha Glaze
  4. Basic Chocolates Sponge
  5. Black-Forest (Icing)
  6. Extra recipe – Honey – Ginger Wheat Cake
  7. Variations of Other Flavours
  8. Ideas of Icing
  9. Ideas and tips of muffins, rainbow cake etc.
  10. All the recipes are given in detail alongwith a certificate ofparticipation.

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